Monday, 26 April 2010

Finished and ready for the print makers.

along with my skull aces. 

whoop. Cant wait to get my prints done. Im still investigating who to use tho. 

Watch this space x

Work in progress - April 2010

Newer better versions of older pieces. 

OLD "Twiggy" 2005

NEW "Twiggy" 2010 



Also Im butterfly crazy at the mo. I inked this the other day and am going to fashion a skull to go in the middle with mount board underneath to make it stand forward.

Much like I have done with the cattle skull and Cacti below. 

anywho just some rough pics. 

Hope you like them x

"Things That Were Once There" 2008

"Book" 2008

"Kitchen Phone" 2008

"Cottage at Burton (Wirral)” 2008

Mobility Handles (Bathroom)” 2008

Coffee Cup” 2008

These are part of a series of photographs I did at the end of my degree in a continuing project "Things That Were Once There". I am fascinated by places where things were obviously there for a long period of time, have been removed but have still left their mark on their old habitat. This is a metaphor for how things or people can leave their mark long after the event itself. This is something I continue to investigate in photography form. 

Tell me what you think?

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Worcester Open 2010 - Highlights

Well, what a busy week! Apart from the general work malarkey and being a general dirty stop out :S Ive tried to organise myself a bit for the Private Views at the PITT Gallery and the Annex21 in Worcester as part of Worcester Open 2010. Its a locally organised event to showcase lots of different artists work predominantly from the local area.  I didn't know what to expect really but I'm quite impressed at not only the diversity of the work and how many different techniques that have been used, but also the sheer number of entries. It really does inspire me to think that all of these people are at home spending time and putting effort into something like this, as well as little old me!

On Friday night I visited the PITT Gallery. Its not somewhere Id been before (although I did try the once to find it was closed). Its ever so tucked away, one of Worcesters many little secrets I'm sure. There was work outside, in the widows on plinths, on T.Vs and honestly, its not the biggest place in the world. However, most of the walls space was covered from top to bottom. Some people would have been disappointed with their space but what shouldn't have worked really did. I must have walked around 3 times and seen different pieces each time. Its the kind of thing that when its busy you end up seeing only whats in front of you and nothing else. You really need to stand in the middle of the room and spin around slowly lol.  And my piece looked great in that frame on a easily accessible flat wall not too high.

At this point walking away from this part of the show there were two main pieces that stood out to me to be   really special.

"A Feathered Friend" by Alistair Cowin
Although I think its entirely obvious why somebody would like this piece, Its also worth mentioning two points. It is the first thing I saw as I walked into the garden area. He has been given a VERY good spot and rightly so, it stops you in you're tracks. And secondly a friend of mine knows of this guy and he is and has been for some time a glamour photographer. Somebody whos obviously got much more experience and know how on the art world than me, in the same exhibition. 

"A Day In The Sun" by Lisa Marie Thompson
I just love this. Its everything I like, drama, striking block colours and lines with a bit of glamour. Its got a very burlesque vibe to it. Right up my alley! 

"Hope" By Sue Canonico
This is just so well done. It reminds me very much of something that a very talented friend of mine did when we were at art college. Just so technically perfect with a lovely subject. Obviously very talented. This piece is of considerable size and could have held you're gaze on that wall all on its own but stood out amongst the others. 

Last night I visited the Annex21 which is what was formerly known as Worcester Arts Workshop. Its a small cafe based area within which the works have been hung and again similarly to the PITT not the biggest space in the world but well used and housed some more great stuff.

My one highlight from this was 
"Godzilla is ill"  by Xue Wang
I really like this its got a haunting, pin-up or manga feel to it and again the technical skill is obvious. I am envious of anybody who can do this with acrylic paint on canvas. Something I have always struggled with. I don't think this picture really does it justice as I remember  the colours being of a much more vibrant quality. 

In conclusion I really think you (Yes, YOU!) should go. I really hope that local people support this event purely to gain an understanding of the amount of creatively talented people in the local area because lets face it, its easy to forget!. 

It also highlighted to me that I havn't been to any shows for such a long time and this has to change. I am going to make a real effort over the summer to see and do more art based trips. Watch this space for more mini-reviews xx