Sunday, 1 April 2012

Miss Hilton Presents - Monster Bash and Cirque Du Risque (Previous Performers)

Seas Of Mirth
Where to start! This 7 piece 8 piece 5 on the night piece band of swashbuckling mentalists made my night. After a significant amount of organisational disasters around PA systems and kit due to the band not having access to a van on this weekend (typical), I'm not going to lie, I had everything crossed it was worth the hassle and It absolutely was! They were entertaining with lots of banter, great warm up for the audience, they looked the part and with songs such as Ladyboy (called Steve) how can it be bad. Theres an eclectic selection of instruments (including a air tube operated keyboard?) and general hilarity. Due to the show being a Sunday and time constraints due to public transport unfortunately the set was short lived I would love to book them again but be warned me heartys with this much crew you need a big PA!

Sophia Disgrace and Luci and her Crew.
Unfortunately I had to nip out at this point to drop equipment back (flaws of a single handed promoter) So I missed them. GUTTED But i made sure to canvas the audiences opinions and there was much positive praise for both acts commenting on the quality of costumes and the angle grinder routine included hot wax also! I am impressed that as well this could all be done indoors!

Von Vamp
Well what can I say about this lovely lady, a local (ish) lass from Birmingham who did two acts on the night. A bloody nurse and a fan dance to velvet revolver. There was a good use of props in the nurse act but I have to sat the fan dance blew my sox off! I loved the track anyway and the outfit with orange pumpkin pasties and orange fringing on the bustle was incredible! V impressed.

Lewis Spelt Backwards
We were lucky enough to have a 20 minute preview of LSBs new material at the Pig and Drum last night and I as always was impressed. The backing track was slick it all made sense and merged in the right places. Good audience movement and kept everybody transfixed from beginning to end. A couple of people were disappointed he'd kept his clothes on but I however disagree it was a different performance than the last and was very well put together. The crowd were wowed! (As usual)

Blackfire Burlesque - Stella Noir and Dandy Inferno (Leeds)
This was a good routine, change of pace using Coldplay but a well recognised song. Very different to have a couple performing as a duo. The bride of Frankenstein theme to me didn't really come across too well but this would not have been apparent to the audience as I was obviously told about the act before hand therefore I had an idea in my head of what to expect. The wing dance was very good , good use of space and the costumes worked well my only criticism was that maybe the full reveal was a bit too early and there was a lot of time when Stella was on stage in her final undress. The Dandy Inferno did some indoor body burning and fire eating for us as well later on. Very impressive and professional, Pasties and eye patch very well made and looked the part. Also impressed with the heart latex skirt worn by Stella as the assistant.
Dandy Inferno
Stella Noir

As always Rockella Brown and Dean the Queen were dressed to impress and fabulous and did some routines for me of some well known favourites. A fab night was had by all.

Flixx Demantrant
I can't praise this performer enough I was very impressed with his track, well edited and great use of props. It obviously helps that he is devilishly good looking but since this event (apologies for the delay in review) all people have done is ask about his triumphant return. Surprises in the costume here and there, make-up was good in general its not often you find a performer that creates a character, not just a routine. I will definitely be booking Flixx in the future. 

Satine DeMonte
Ever the professional this incredibly talented lady pulled it off yet again. She did a Grecian goddess routine with Isis wings that wowed the audience with a glittery surprise. Shes a crowd pleaser every time. I have seen many routines from Satine and have booked her before and I'm sure I will do again. 

I have also been lucky enough to work with Mimi and Lilly from Monster Cirque who are very versatile filly's, Their talents include stilt walking fire fans AND Burlesque would you believe! Very professional and a joy to work with.....
Mimi and her Fire Fans....
.... up on the roof

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