Saturday, 16 June 2012

Retro Electro June 2012

The second instalment in Electro Swing sweeping the West Midlands gripping Worcester firmly  by its tail feathers.
The Straight Aces got everybody warmed up and suitably lubricated with some fantastic dancing and some great tracks. I only wish I hadn't spent so much time on the door so I could have enjoyed more of their set. They may only be a 3 piece but they really pack a punch.

Khandie Khisses
 Khandie Khisses was a brilliant way to open the show with her swing act. Classically 'Noir' and definitely took the audience by storm. I have seen this performer previously and she is refreshingly frank and honest about, well everything! Character on and off stage I hope to see again :) and her second act (I'm naming it Queen Kong) was genius! Exactly what the audience weren't expecting and that's the way she likes it....

Miss Bailey Bliss

I loved the track (Devil Woman) that Miss Bailey Bliss used,thoroughly enjoyed her act (from side stage). A little bit of trouble getting the fire batons lit, but ever the professional! Pulled it off, no-one would ever know. A joy to work with.

Betsie Blaze - I must start off with the first and hopefully only apology for miss spelling names on posters lol Billed as Becca Blaze her bride act was well received and I like her more eccentric and modern take on Burlesque as an image.

Ginger La Rouge

Ginger La Rouge 's bought a little bit of magic to the proceedings. Thoroughly lovely. I would book all these acts again and it was a thoroughly enjoyable show! (If I do say so myself)

I would love to know what acts you've seen that got you hot under the collar? Which musical acts you've seen on a Burlesque night that really got your toes tapping and maybe you will see them and I will see you next time.

Aug 31st.... SSSSSssshhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone :D x

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cherry Atomic - Worcester

Eliza DeLite

Miss Lily Deathstar

Miss Lily Kitty

Miss Bailey Bliss
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Sunday, 13 May 2012

World Burlesque Games 2012

If you weren't already aware once a year for the last 5 years there is a London Burlesque Festival in the form of World Burlesque games. Over a period of a week or so there are many shows showcasing the best of British and International talent on many stages. This year I attended the Male and Female Crown performances (Uk and International over 3 shows) and the British newcomers. I have decided to do a whole post about the Boylesque performances soooon which is the show I enjoyed the most (wonder why ;) but below are some of the rest of the acts of note from the week you should look out for in future. 

UK Female Crown 

Chi Chi Revolver was my favorite UK performer whom I had never come across before. Her act was a great mix of cheek, and skill. We've all seen Hula Hoopers before (or at least if you havn't then you should!) but Hula hooping burlesque was a winner with me. The hoops didn't stop for the whole routine for stocking removals and full striptease routine and at one point twirling a whole load of hoops at once, I couldn't help but be impressed. I should note a`t this point that there is a 1st 2nd and 3rd in each show and I was very surprised when Chi Chi didnt place :(

Im sure you know by now that I am a fan of the next act and have featured her in my events previously on more than one occaision. As always Eliza DeLites "Like a Prayer" act was breath taking. In my experience when you see an act that you've seen before and you still cant take your eyes away and its better than the first time then there's nothing I enjoy more! The costume had changed a little since last time but for the better and more sparkly than ever. I am thrilled to say she came 1st in the World Female Crown. In the Female crown there were one or two robotic acts. I enjoyed the second part of Coco Devilles act with a large balloon bounced to the music with a sparkley finale with a really gorgeous perot costume.

Venus Noir had a really stunning pair of web design fans that went with her spider and the fly routine. Her costume was impressive with a pole reveal in her dress and stocking removal with shoes ON! Nothing I had ever seen before. (2nd place)

I did find is slightly disappointing during the shows that there were some acts that bore similarities that should have been spread more evenly throughout. I saw quite a few fire acts this weekend, one of which in the Newbies category there was so much fire it was quite extraordinary, even just that the sprinklers didn't go off.

International Female Crown

There were a lot of fantastic costumes during this show, too many to even mention! Marlene Von Steenvag (Berlin) had the most beautifully embellished Kirks Folly esque garden costume. It was a lovely theme executed well and a fantastically intricate costume. Reminded me of snow white singing with the animals. 

Red Hot Annie (Chicago) gets my vote for most conceptually original act painting herself naked onto a canvas covering her front. Well presented, funny and different approach. 

Lada Redstar (Berlin) came first in this category and you couldnt really argue. Her caterpillar to butterfly routine was conceptually good, visually amazing whist still sexy and bug like at the same time. Show stopping showgirl. She really got the crowd going late on in the night when everyone was a bit tired and feeble she soon whipped everybody back into a frenzy. 

The main difference it seems to me (in my humble oppinion) seemed to be costumes and props between these particular shows, although both were well worth seeing. 

In the newbie corner.... for the UK
Rubyyy Jones and Peggy DeLune were my two to mention. Both these london lasses did a singing element in very different styles. 

Peggy DeLune - Peggy did a air hostess routine singing about chicago, the props use was excellent (including inflatable life vest), she was an endearing character. She came first with good reason she was a very busy bee and her routine was intricate and radio mic needed so she didn't stand still for a minute! 

Rubyyy Jones - Rubyyy had come from Canada i believe and did a number based on the Marilyn Monroe song, I want to be loved by you. I really enjoyed the routine. I was however very disappointed at the reveal when with her back to the audience there was a sparkle on the back, shall we say, but on turning around no merkin or pastie in sight. Full frontal nudity. I'm not sure how well this went down with the crowd. I am no prude however i do believe that burlesque is an elegant art of eluding to ones feminism and sexuality not just standing there naked! That was a dissapointing ending for me to a promising routine. 

Vivi Valentine repeated her dazzling act from last year, one of my all times faves :) 
Full Burlesque games listings are here

I had a great weekend and was also lucky enough to see the Damien Hirst and Brush with Burlesque shows, more on them soon. 

toodles x

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Miss Hilton Presents - Monster Bash and Cirque Du Risque (Previous Performers)

Seas Of Mirth
Where to start! This 7 piece 8 piece 5 on the night piece band of swashbuckling mentalists made my night. After a significant amount of organisational disasters around PA systems and kit due to the band not having access to a van on this weekend (typical), I'm not going to lie, I had everything crossed it was worth the hassle and It absolutely was! They were entertaining with lots of banter, great warm up for the audience, they looked the part and with songs such as Ladyboy (called Steve) how can it be bad. Theres an eclectic selection of instruments (including a air tube operated keyboard?) and general hilarity. Due to the show being a Sunday and time constraints due to public transport unfortunately the set was short lived I would love to book them again but be warned me heartys with this much crew you need a big PA!

Sophia Disgrace and Luci and her Crew.
Unfortunately I had to nip out at this point to drop equipment back (flaws of a single handed promoter) So I missed them. GUTTED But i made sure to canvas the audiences opinions and there was much positive praise for both acts commenting on the quality of costumes and the angle grinder routine included hot wax also! I am impressed that as well this could all be done indoors!

Von Vamp
Well what can I say about this lovely lady, a local (ish) lass from Birmingham who did two acts on the night. A bloody nurse and a fan dance to velvet revolver. There was a good use of props in the nurse act but I have to sat the fan dance blew my sox off! I loved the track anyway and the outfit with orange pumpkin pasties and orange fringing on the bustle was incredible! V impressed.

Lewis Spelt Backwards
We were lucky enough to have a 20 minute preview of LSBs new material at the Pig and Drum last night and I as always was impressed. The backing track was slick it all made sense and merged in the right places. Good audience movement and kept everybody transfixed from beginning to end. A couple of people were disappointed he'd kept his clothes on but I however disagree it was a different performance than the last and was very well put together. The crowd were wowed! (As usual)

Blackfire Burlesque - Stella Noir and Dandy Inferno (Leeds)
This was a good routine, change of pace using Coldplay but a well recognised song. Very different to have a couple performing as a duo. The bride of Frankenstein theme to me didn't really come across too well but this would not have been apparent to the audience as I was obviously told about the act before hand therefore I had an idea in my head of what to expect. The wing dance was very good , good use of space and the costumes worked well my only criticism was that maybe the full reveal was a bit too early and there was a lot of time when Stella was on stage in her final undress. The Dandy Inferno did some indoor body burning and fire eating for us as well later on. Very impressive and professional, Pasties and eye patch very well made and looked the part. Also impressed with the heart latex skirt worn by Stella as the assistant.
Dandy Inferno
Stella Noir

As always Rockella Brown and Dean the Queen were dressed to impress and fabulous and did some routines for me of some well known favourites. A fab night was had by all.

Flixx Demantrant
I can't praise this performer enough I was very impressed with his track, well edited and great use of props. It obviously helps that he is devilishly good looking but since this event (apologies for the delay in review) all people have done is ask about his triumphant return. Surprises in the costume here and there, make-up was good in general its not often you find a performer that creates a character, not just a routine. I will definitely be booking Flixx in the future. 

Satine DeMonte
Ever the professional this incredibly talented lady pulled it off yet again. She did a Grecian goddess routine with Isis wings that wowed the audience with a glittery surprise. Shes a crowd pleaser every time. I have seen many routines from Satine and have booked her before and I'm sure I will do again. 

I have also been lucky enough to work with Mimi and Lilly from Monster Cirque who are very versatile filly's, Their talents include stilt walking fire fans AND Burlesque would you believe! Very professional and a joy to work with.....
Mimi and her Fire Fans....
.... up on the roof

Inspirational Journal Pages

Based on a phrase

Listography - Great post on black, white and green. Typography and mixed media art by My Concrete Sky


Gorgeous post about painting or drawing what to hand by the very talented lori vliegen at Elvie Studio

Collage (strong magazine imagery or photography)


Friday, 30 March 2012

Art Journal

I have always been fascinated by books, I have started a few art books of my own. I have a small leather bound book with tattoo sketches in, I have also made my own note book with a binding tool courtesy of my sister. I used different pages, papers and images but I'm too precious to use it because I love the way it turned out so much. 

Why now? The reasons for this project now is, not only because I'm interested in it but as I have just moved jobs into the field of mental health I think it would be beneficial as a spontaneous and personal activity that they could do with or without me, even along side me. This would also give me more experience in the field of Art Therapy activities. So, this got me searching for inspiration, and here's what I have learnt and found at the early stages,

Had a good look through this blog and found some useful lists hints tips and do's and don'ts in the New To Art Journaling Section by the very creative Kelley Luckett who has a story very similar to that I wish for myself, a creative soul who went to study Art Therapy which is where I want to be in a few years from now....

But this was my Fav so far... Julie Fai-Fan Balzer's Blog is informative has great tutorials on how to conquer a blank page, tips such as gesso and masking tape on you inside spine (genius) and a FAQ section that had me sorted pretty quickly with resources about how to get started, themes and lists etc.

Some of projects or challenges that caught my creativity were "The A-Z of me" and lists such as Things I love about me, places I want to go, things about my town and even illustrated recipes. Challenges you can set yourself, as the above taken from Squidoo, Art Journaling and prompts. This reminds me of a project I did many years ago at college which I should upload to show you all soon. Other things that appeal to me, mostly as I adore music is doing illustrated albums by a certain artists, I remember doodling these when I was at school bored in lessons. I once has a whole A4 page of Aerosmith tracks in picture form :D. I Also like the thought of doing a kind of instruction manual of different tasks etc that I could set myself so I could pick some at random to run along side the project. So two books, one journal and one inspiration and prompts book.

I also aspire to be able to do a little bit a day, even when I do 12 hr shifts even if I prep a page background or title/assign a project to a page.... SO

WHEN DOES THIS START I hear you cry. Well I am on the hunt for the book of choice in the next week or so. and I will thoroughly document this journey in the line of Art Therapy research. I have plenty of materials to get me started and previous work that I can draw from as inspiration. I will also upload previous art works completed with my support by people I have worked with with varied disabilities to document my Art Therapy interest and approach.

Exciting stuff, stay tuned.....

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Having a Burly shopping moment.....

Having just watched Burlesque and having just done my 4th and most successful Burly show yet. It got my brain ticking over....

Anne Summers Bra £40 and feather collar last season. Would look amaze under a sheer blouse or with an underbust corset. The collar reminds me of Skunk Anansie last year at Download, but obviously far more practical. Hers was on a wire frame and looked fierce!

Pearls and Swine, Cherry Fascinator. Limited edition in the sale £60! I will get around to buying them soon I hope. 

ASOS SALE Vivienne Westwood By Melissa Skull Slingback Court Shoe - RRP £120 Reduced to £75! 

Collectif Norma fitted sailor dress, in the Sale one of many Bargains I got, this was only £30 :)
Payday isn't far away!
In other news for Download this year I NEED THIS! Mexican Skull oversized backpack,  I have wanted this for ages. I have changed jobs so I'm 5 weeks between ages, so I've been waiting. Sooon my pretty :)

That is all. 

toodles xx

Sunday, 15 January 2012


I want this
Malice In Underland

And This
Ravings and Illustrations by Bamcat

<3 This - Egene Koo, Being Alone 2011

I WILL do this tomorrow!


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Xmas Giftage and Happy New Year!

Whittards Spotty Cup and Saucer


Kurt Geiger Boots.

A Itunes voucher, with which I will buy this 

Fashionology Skull Bangle

Benefit Glam Set
Fashionology Necklace

I feel so lucky. I have some gorgeous items and some very special friends and family. Some dearly missed. 

3 New Years resolutions:

1. Blog more! (and sort website *coming soon*)
2. Use my Lumix G1 camera more. (I bought me and a friend a DSLR session in Bham to start this off in Jan)
3. Be Happier 

I also as not a resolution, more a decision will be moving out again early this year and go to estate agents and do it all properly so I don't end up back at home in a years time :s and new job prospects? and New Burlesque show opportunities :D and more progress towards an MA....... Hopefully.   

I hope you all behaved over New Year and Xmas ;)

Start as you mean to go on xx