Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Suger Skulls and what not.....

Today Ive had a well deserved day off work and I've sat down and penned up some stuff to be inked. Ive started thinking about sell-able bits for Brixton Urban Art Festival next year. There is some amazing stuff there, last year I bought work by Dan Hillier (www.danhillier.com) i love the dark drawings and patterned backgrounds. He does original ink drawing kinda like what I do but much better lol.

So today I penned 3 drawings onto mount board (5.5 x 7.5 inch ish) to ink another day....

Ive been thinking a lot bout day of the dead and sugar skulls of recent, I want to track down some day of the dead events in the future in galleries etc. I was on searching for things earlier and found www.squidgyart.com.
This is a lady who is looking to raise money for charity next year by sending skulls out to artists to paint and sell on Ebay to raise money for hospices. I think Its an ace idea and I definitely would love to do one. Also check out her website anyway. Her paintings are very VERY good.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Quick update

Really quick one, Ive been in Leicester for the past few days and I had a blast. Bin in touch with a few old studio buddies from the uni days and its kinda got me thinking again.

Spoke 2 Jack about a digital collaboration in the pipe line.... and also E.P covers for The Brazilians.

Anywho before I fall asleep I have sorted out my etsy.com shop again. So take a look.


More pikkies soon I promise :S xx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Poorly sick today

Poorly today, didn't sleep last night so feeling rubbish. Found some pieces lying around to add to my online collection, including Geoff and Ted!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Oh and also

My friends band have one of my paintings as their album cover!!!

Check out their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/braziliansmusic

and their album can be bought on Itunes with my cover :D.


Sketch book

Today as a start since I had some spare time i thought Id post some pen outlines from my sketchbook. These are all watermarked as I don't want them stolen (paranoid I know) bit of extra effort but let me know what you think.

I have two basic skull outlines I use, I have called them Geoff and Ted. I started a painting ages ago of the Hula skeleton that only has then background at the moment. At this point a confession, I'm not very good with colour.... sometimes I colour my sketches in and it just looks wrong. I have tried to colour the flower skull page using colour theme to try and simplify it but it didn't work. I will hopefully post some sketches and finished small bits today, later on.

The Koi is something I try and keep practising, I found a very useful tutorial on Ink Trials Tattoo Forums (http://forum.ink-trails.com/Koi-Tutorial-t6873.html&hl=koi+tutorial).

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Just another quick one before bed.

Thought Id quickly post some pikkies of recent work in progress. I am planning on water marking finished items but not items in a development stage. Here are a couple of pen drawings and some ink skulls from things Ive started in my sketchbook.

The tattoo type sketches are for my own amusement really. When I graduated University (DMU, Leicester) last year in Fine Art I was unemployed for about 5 months and I started looking at tattoo drawing tutorials etc online. I am a fan of flash and tattoos generally so these are some that I have penned out but yet to be inked, I always get nervous at this point that I might make a mess of it so generally I scan the outline into my computer to re-produce if necessary.

The idea behind the ink skulls is the ace of clubs. I want to do some digital work producing all the aces in a pack of cards in an ink drawn fashion but printed on nice paper and produced in a set of 4. This was my first provisional sketch and I have also looked at fonts.

I have lots of other works in progress, swallow skeletons, skulls and Hawaii day of the deads so I will post again when I am more prepared lol. I only decided today I would start a blog and these are just images I had to hand.

I'm getting tattooed tomorrow. Cant wait :D

Hello cruel world

Today is my first blogging day YAY!!! I have decided after being inspired by other peoples talents and work on the Internet and a difficulty in keeping in contact with people I have previously worked around in a studio at university etc, that this would be a good tool for feedback on my work and to also keep everybody informed of what I'm up 2 generally. I will try and keep this art and image based, but I do apologise if you get snippets of my general existence as well. I don't do as much as I would like due to the obvious time based restriction. I am also hoping this will motivate me to do more!

We shall see................... Watch this space.