Friday, 22 January 2010

Work in progress

Okay so... This is clearing the back log of stuff I have shown you and haven't quite finished but have been inked so far. You've seen the outlines for the Nurse Skull and the Flower with the skull centre well they are now inked and ready for the gold leaf edges to finish them. The scalloped edging will have gold leaf on it, when I can find it. and then they are done. I am in two minds what colour to do the lip edging on the Nurse Skull so I have left it for now to go back to later. They are all inked using Daler Rowney ink pots and on mount boards with a 45 degree angled edge (the centre from cutting out aperture frames). I have ran out of these boards now which is a shame as Ive used them for lots of cool little things.


Then the other two things left to tell you about are my Flick-knife sketch and my roses practice sheet. I really like my flick-knife design and as usual when it come to colours and inking my outlines I got stage fright so Ive put it off for ages. I didn't want to do block colour and make it look flat so I filled the areas that I wanted to paint with a small later of water and then painted the ink in over the top causing it to run and mix together. I really like this effect and it makes the colours look much more vivid and exciting.Its also more subtle and interesting. Reminds me of tie dye. (Pen and ink on watercolour paper 12 x 9 inches)

The last thing is I thought Id post my roses practice sheet just so you could have a look. When I did the Rose with the diamond in the middle on the previous post I didn't like it. It ended up looking dull and the shading didn't make sense. So I decided practice makes perfect and I did a new outline and drew it as many times as I could fit on the page to practice my shading. I'm sticking to regular shading at the moment even though I was tranna make the other rose old school black and red, it didn't work. BUT, some of these roses look fab and are good to remember for the future. It also got me thinking about colour combinations, which I often struggle with. I am always putting too many colour into a piece of work and they just don't fit together. A worthwhile exercise. (Ink on watercolour paper 12 x 9 inches)

Happy New Year

............ and all that Jazz.

This is what I have been doing recently. I haven't kept you up to date but I have been doing some work. I got some great ark kit over Xmas including some great outlining pens and markers.

Ive been experimenting with some designs of roses and swallows. I liked the original outlines and I went onto some tattoo drawing forums before I started for some hints and tips. So I drew out my designs once in fine line then over the bolder edges with a brush pen then inked them in. I came up with two lots of skellie swallows. I prefer the second ones, I've made them more obviously male and female. But the piece on the whole doesn't work. Its modern mixed with old school and misses the mark slightly. The rose itself, the shading doesn't make sense to the eye and basically i bodged it up but even so I'm going to keep it for reference and the tea stained background was very effective. In the third one I used the original skeleton swallow idea with the secondary outline to a much better outcome and better rose too taken from my rose practice sheet.