Sunday, 13 May 2012

World Burlesque Games 2012

If you weren't already aware once a year for the last 5 years there is a London Burlesque Festival in the form of World Burlesque games. Over a period of a week or so there are many shows showcasing the best of British and International talent on many stages. This year I attended the Male and Female Crown performances (Uk and International over 3 shows) and the British newcomers. I have decided to do a whole post about the Boylesque performances soooon which is the show I enjoyed the most (wonder why ;) but below are some of the rest of the acts of note from the week you should look out for in future. 

UK Female Crown 

Chi Chi Revolver was my favorite UK performer whom I had never come across before. Her act was a great mix of cheek, and skill. We've all seen Hula Hoopers before (or at least if you havn't then you should!) but Hula hooping burlesque was a winner with me. The hoops didn't stop for the whole routine for stocking removals and full striptease routine and at one point twirling a whole load of hoops at once, I couldn't help but be impressed. I should note a`t this point that there is a 1st 2nd and 3rd in each show and I was very surprised when Chi Chi didnt place :(

Im sure you know by now that I am a fan of the next act and have featured her in my events previously on more than one occaision. As always Eliza DeLites "Like a Prayer" act was breath taking. In my experience when you see an act that you've seen before and you still cant take your eyes away and its better than the first time then there's nothing I enjoy more! The costume had changed a little since last time but for the better and more sparkly than ever. I am thrilled to say she came 1st in the World Female Crown. In the Female crown there were one or two robotic acts. I enjoyed the second part of Coco Devilles act with a large balloon bounced to the music with a sparkley finale with a really gorgeous perot costume.

Venus Noir had a really stunning pair of web design fans that went with her spider and the fly routine. Her costume was impressive with a pole reveal in her dress and stocking removal with shoes ON! Nothing I had ever seen before. (2nd place)

I did find is slightly disappointing during the shows that there were some acts that bore similarities that should have been spread more evenly throughout. I saw quite a few fire acts this weekend, one of which in the Newbies category there was so much fire it was quite extraordinary, even just that the sprinklers didn't go off.

International Female Crown

There were a lot of fantastic costumes during this show, too many to even mention! Marlene Von Steenvag (Berlin) had the most beautifully embellished Kirks Folly esque garden costume. It was a lovely theme executed well and a fantastically intricate costume. Reminded me of snow white singing with the animals. 

Red Hot Annie (Chicago) gets my vote for most conceptually original act painting herself naked onto a canvas covering her front. Well presented, funny and different approach. 

Lada Redstar (Berlin) came first in this category and you couldnt really argue. Her caterpillar to butterfly routine was conceptually good, visually amazing whist still sexy and bug like at the same time. Show stopping showgirl. She really got the crowd going late on in the night when everyone was a bit tired and feeble she soon whipped everybody back into a frenzy. 

The main difference it seems to me (in my humble oppinion) seemed to be costumes and props between these particular shows, although both were well worth seeing. 

In the newbie corner.... for the UK
Rubyyy Jones and Peggy DeLune were my two to mention. Both these london lasses did a singing element in very different styles. 

Peggy DeLune - Peggy did a air hostess routine singing about chicago, the props use was excellent (including inflatable life vest), she was an endearing character. She came first with good reason she was a very busy bee and her routine was intricate and radio mic needed so she didn't stand still for a minute! 

Rubyyy Jones - Rubyyy had come from Canada i believe and did a number based on the Marilyn Monroe song, I want to be loved by you. I really enjoyed the routine. I was however very disappointed at the reveal when with her back to the audience there was a sparkle on the back, shall we say, but on turning around no merkin or pastie in sight. Full frontal nudity. I'm not sure how well this went down with the crowd. I am no prude however i do believe that burlesque is an elegant art of eluding to ones feminism and sexuality not just standing there naked! That was a dissapointing ending for me to a promising routine. 

Vivi Valentine repeated her dazzling act from last year, one of my all times faves :) 
Full Burlesque games listings are here

I had a great weekend and was also lucky enough to see the Damien Hirst and Brush with Burlesque shows, more on them soon. 

toodles x