Sunday, 17 April 2011

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

London Burlesque Fest 2011

As I mentioned previously I am going to be going to London Burlesque fest this year. The various shows are in different places but in general its a week staying in Camden with all my lovely girlies. I have dabbled in a little bit of burlesque myself and have been to some very good................ and very bad burlesque shows in my time. Although it is a thoroughly mixed bag of tricks as to whether the show is organised well and the acts are good I would still risk it every time. When its good its very very good!

Eliza DeLite
This stunning lady is Eliza Delight who is a friend if mine from the Leicester DMU Demon Belles society and a thoroughly mind blowing performer. The skill in which she entertains her audiences with so many different props, themes and situations are incredible. Her costumes alone are creative and a lot of things she uses as part of her performance are hand made. Every act it different but thoroughly stunning and she hasn't disappointed once when Ive seen her. I am really hoping to get this lovely lady to Worcester really soon and organise mt own event with some of my contacts and hopefully prove burlesque isn't just a fad! Some of her concepts for her acts are so beautiful and its a very delicate mix of grace and skill, the classy end of burlesque and the high end of skill and quality entertainment. She is going to be performing in the British Bombshells, best of the UK show on the 28th of this month but mark my words. You'll see her very soon I'm sure.

"Eliza DeLite is a UK performer based in the East Midlands. Although her acts span a variety of styles including both neo & classic burlesque, her speciality lies with cheeky comedic performances inspired by her love of the 40′s pin up era and black and white funnies. Her goal is to entertain her audience with acts which are both funny and sexy." Taken from London Burlesque Festival website. 

Another of my favourite performers is 

Joe Black
Hes hilariously funny completely different and sometimes down right wrong. Ive seen him twice before and he really was the highlight. His Lady Gaga cover is brilliant and his show brings a whole new premise to the term Cabaret! 
"An entertaining and inspiring cabaret artist, he has been voted a favourite of public and industry alike, with a constant stream of theatrical endeavours up and down the UK, Europe and internationally. Joe Black is a well seasoned and well endowed performer (or so we hear). From the smoky underground clubs of Paris, to the dimly lit cabarets of Berlin, even to the gloriously esteemed historical treasure that is the British library…
One of the pioneering personalities in new Variety, he is the unmistakable Vaudevillian Villain." Taken from London Burlesque Festival website

As you can probably tell I'm so very excited! I cant wait to see all of the shows especially "Twisted Cabaret". If any of you are in London, in the area and like a good fun night out with a bit of a sexy twist then you should make a trip to this for even just one show. I've heard this is the last year this year and although I hope this isn't the case I want to make sure I make the most of this year. I'm sure that the audience will look just as impressive as the performers and i will be attached to my camera all week. 

Toodles x

Sunday, 3 April 2011

2 things from this week?

Sorry I've been poo. Lots of exciting things happening in the wings. Moving to a new flat at the end of this month with a new studio space so should be able to get back to drawing soon, its been killing me I don't have enough space! so at the end of this month is the big move. 

In the meantime I've bought the big plastic baroque frame and I have dreams of filling it with a crow and arrows and gold leaf.... watch this space. 

To keep you entertained thus far....

2 links I've come across this week:

Milly Pilly seen on Hexotica blog post this week. 

Awesome little fascinators and stuff!!! Loving skulls and net!


The finest Burlesque geekery! I <3 it! These Diamonds are my favs, and the bats, and the bows! Actually If u wanna buy me a prezzie they're ll a winner lol AAAAND incase I hadn't mentioned it already (not sure I have) I am going to London Burlesque Festival this year, at the end of this very month infact, and I'm getting mega excited! I will do a post about one of the girls that dances with my old Burlesque group too who's performing in the British Bombshells category. I'm so proud of her.

be bak soon x

footnote: Leicester tattoo convention was a massive let down, found an amazing Tiki Bar though! Swings and roundabouts xD