Friday, 22 January 2010

Happy New Year

............ and all that Jazz.

This is what I have been doing recently. I haven't kept you up to date but I have been doing some work. I got some great ark kit over Xmas including some great outlining pens and markers.

Ive been experimenting with some designs of roses and swallows. I liked the original outlines and I went onto some tattoo drawing forums before I started for some hints and tips. So I drew out my designs once in fine line then over the bolder edges with a brush pen then inked them in. I came up with two lots of skellie swallows. I prefer the second ones, I've made them more obviously male and female. But the piece on the whole doesn't work. Its modern mixed with old school and misses the mark slightly. The rose itself, the shading doesn't make sense to the eye and basically i bodged it up but even so I'm going to keep it for reference and the tea stained background was very effective. In the third one I used the original skeleton swallow idea with the secondary outline to a much better outcome and better rose too taken from my rose practice sheet.


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