Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I like old books and I cannot lie.................

I was looking into buying some vintage book papers off etsy.com but I could only find ones in the US but then I found a lovely old book shop in Upton On Seven when I went to get my prints done. Real Aladdin's cave kind of place, stacked to the rafters. Lots of little gems and I found these A-mazing old anatomy books. 

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them yet I may see if I can make digital files rather than destroy the books. They have notes in them "To Gregory" and they are so charming. 

Watch this space.....................

prints done, now just to mount, bag and price lol simples x


  1. I know!!! I was so impressed. It was the best old shop ever with the token eccentric old man sleeping on the corner. Id spent HOURS on Etsy that day looking for anatomy pages but nothing that grabbed me in the UK and now I can sell high quality copies myself in future when I can scalpel and scan all the pages. I did however hesitate more than once before I cut them up, but I didn't see a way around it to get good copies. :( x