Monday, 17 January 2011

Oh em gee: Project 2011

Ive been away for too long. Ive been weedling away don't you worry :).

Soooo Ive decided that this year is the year of the mini, miniature works that is. Ive been collecting and sketching and recently I've been inspired by all things mixed media, small and more than anything, Books! Old books, Art books, medical books and religious imagery and, yeah you guessed books!

I love paper and tattoos and vintage looking items. The 50s, the 20's and the B-movie ultra vixens. I feel like my work is about to take a real U-turn.

My friends flat :)

I'm excited by Urban art 2011. I'm going to start producing a new line of work using mixed media and words. I can use book form but I plan to produce a series of originals no bigger than 6 inches by 4 inches on different papers with different themes and some painted, drawn stuck collaged. I'm excited.

Bible bought from Vintage Market, London (£1!)

I have also decided that from now on I will use this site as more of a scrap book for all things I find interesting. Even if I'm not creating so prepare for some inspiration (hopefully) weekly?@! You never know.

Vintage Cocktail book, Junk shop in Upton (£2!)


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