Sunday, 3 April 2011

2 things from this week?

Sorry I've been poo. Lots of exciting things happening in the wings. Moving to a new flat at the end of this month with a new studio space so should be able to get back to drawing soon, its been killing me I don't have enough space! so at the end of this month is the big move. 

In the meantime I've bought the big plastic baroque frame and I have dreams of filling it with a crow and arrows and gold leaf.... watch this space. 

To keep you entertained thus far....

2 links I've come across this week:

Milly Pilly seen on Hexotica blog post this week. 

Awesome little fascinators and stuff!!! Loving skulls and net!


The finest Burlesque geekery! I <3 it! These Diamonds are my favs, and the bats, and the bows! Actually If u wanna buy me a prezzie they're ll a winner lol AAAAND incase I hadn't mentioned it already (not sure I have) I am going to London Burlesque Festival this year, at the end of this very month infact, and I'm getting mega excited! I will do a post about one of the girls that dances with my old Burlesque group too who's performing in the British Bombshells category. I'm so proud of her.

be bak soon x

footnote: Leicester tattoo convention was a massive let down, found an amazing Tiki Bar though! Swings and roundabouts xD

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