Sunday, 1 January 2012

Xmas Giftage and Happy New Year!

Whittards Spotty Cup and Saucer


Kurt Geiger Boots.

A Itunes voucher, with which I will buy this 

Fashionology Skull Bangle

Benefit Glam Set
Fashionology Necklace

I feel so lucky. I have some gorgeous items and some very special friends and family. Some dearly missed. 

3 New Years resolutions:

1. Blog more! (and sort website *coming soon*)
2. Use my Lumix G1 camera more. (I bought me and a friend a DSLR session in Bham to start this off in Jan)
3. Be Happier 

I also as not a resolution, more a decision will be moving out again early this year and go to estate agents and do it all properly so I don't end up back at home in a years time :s and new job prospects? and New Burlesque show opportunities :D and more progress towards an MA....... Hopefully.   

I hope you all behaved over New Year and Xmas ;)

Start as you mean to go on xx

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