Sunday, 18 March 2012

Having a Burly shopping moment.....

Having just watched Burlesque and having just done my 4th and most successful Burly show yet. It got my brain ticking over....

Anne Summers Bra £40 and feather collar last season. Would look amaze under a sheer blouse or with an underbust corset. The collar reminds me of Skunk Anansie last year at Download, but obviously far more practical. Hers was on a wire frame and looked fierce!

Pearls and Swine, Cherry Fascinator. Limited edition in the sale £60! I will get around to buying them soon I hope. 

ASOS SALE Vivienne Westwood By Melissa Skull Slingback Court Shoe - RRP £120 Reduced to £75! 

Collectif Norma fitted sailor dress, in the Sale one of many Bargains I got, this was only £30 :)
Payday isn't far away!
In other news for Download this year I NEED THIS! Mexican Skull oversized backpack,  I have wanted this for ages. I have changed jobs so I'm 5 weeks between ages, so I've been waiting. Sooon my pretty :)

That is all. 

toodles xx

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