Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Just another quick one before bed.

Thought Id quickly post some pikkies of recent work in progress. I am planning on water marking finished items but not items in a development stage. Here are a couple of pen drawings and some ink skulls from things Ive started in my sketchbook.

The tattoo type sketches are for my own amusement really. When I graduated University (DMU, Leicester) last year in Fine Art I was unemployed for about 5 months and I started looking at tattoo drawing tutorials etc online. I am a fan of flash and tattoos generally so these are some that I have penned out but yet to be inked, I always get nervous at this point that I might make a mess of it so generally I scan the outline into my computer to re-produce if necessary.

The idea behind the ink skulls is the ace of clubs. I want to do some digital work producing all the aces in a pack of cards in an ink drawn fashion but printed on nice paper and produced in a set of 4. This was my first provisional sketch and I have also looked at fonts.

I have lots of other works in progress, swallow skeletons, skulls and Hawaii day of the deads so I will post again when I am more prepared lol. I only decided today I would start a blog and these are just images I had to hand.

I'm getting tattooed tomorrow. Cant wait :D

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