Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Urban Art 2010 17-18th July

Had an excellent weekend guys.
Thanks to all who travelled to attend including a elite few of my friends came from far and wide which was much appreciated.
As usual I would like to do a summary of the show itself and some of my favourite pieces and artists:

Starting off with The Gurley. I really liked her work because it was a curious mix of collage and screen print. The colours popped and there was a real brit pop media vibe.  Here are some pics of the event.

My favourite images off her website are:

Images: Sketch book work and "john, snoopy, woodstock and a cat in a bin".

Next is a guy weirdly from Leicester where I went to uni, who me and my friend Steve both recognised him and the buildings in his paintings. His name is Tim Fowler and he does wonderfully colourful work on industrial images of buildings both from home and on his travels.

This was my favourite piece of his. Its Leicester prison, a building I recognised from living there for 3 years. I love the colours and the suggestion of solid spaces. 

Next there was a piece I really liked at the whole event and this piece was by Caroline Macey. 


This was absolutely my favourite piece although now I cant find her on the Internet :(. It was an etching i believe of a skeleton passionately intertwined with a young woman. I thought it was really dark but beautiful as an image. 

Throughout the day you get all sorts of freebies and chat to people and the coolest thing i got was a business card that was an ACTUAL playing card which I think is a really good idea which I may adapt in future and a whole newspaper. Full of articles about artists and their prints from a company called Artswipe. The guy was telling me that he represents all these artists who are selling prints through him at these events, which I thought was an amazing idea and the publications not too shabby either. have a look at and you can also download PDFs of the newspaper that impressed me so much. Here are a few images of the Artswipe stand: 

For all my photos from the event CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading xx

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