Sunday, 8 August 2010

Car boot bounty

I got up uber early this morning and braved the Kempsy car boot today and oh wasn't I rewarded by the junk gods. Check out these amazing pictures.

Really, I hear you cry. There nothing special. Well what about this: 

look at the gorgeous frames!!

I have started today a New hand painted "Worse things happen at sea" to fill it. Oh and I haven't even told you the best part THEY WERE £1.50, yes for both! A-mazin. 

I also got these two framed wonders to use for framage and I'm gonna use the butterfly too. I don't know what for yet. 

above left 20p and butterfly £1.

Two things to inform you of, you may or not be aware that I now have a twitter account! Although I am in the early stages of tweeting (i believe its called?!?) please follow me to see pics as i go along of my images and drawings etc when I have creative days off! Find me @misshiltonink.

Also I realised to my horror yesterday that the Worcesters Riverside Arts Market is in a week today!!! That's the 15th of this month people and if your local you should come down and show your support. The arts market is on 3 times this month 15th 22nd and 28th! 

anywho I'm off sick from work at the mo because Ive had an op on my back and have stitches which means i cant paint for too long without feeling un-comfortable so I haven't been at my best recently although the creativity is definitely still there. I'm excited about filling my new frames! 

Toodles xx

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