Saturday, 6 August 2011

Back in Black

Jeepers. I've been busy. The highlights and the Low lights follow. 

I have moved.... I have got better Internet and am Therefore back trading again on click HERE to check out my wares in a tattoo ink original art kinda way. 

Also I now promote Burlesque nights in the local area of Worcestershire too! I decided I wasn't busy enough doing painting in my spare time and working full time so I'm now doing bi-monthly burlesque shows in Worcester at the Pig and Drum in Lowesmoor. My first show at the art house in July was a great success. I compare them myself and bring all the great acts that I have come across to the masses (of the home counties lol) So that's exciting too! 
Poster by Tilly Mints Graphics
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I'm hoping to do some act reviews in the next coming weeks from my show and also an offer Sunday - Sunday  on my original art works now my shop is up and running. So stay tuned! 
I also in the next few weeks have Hen nights, Weddings and Medieval Festivals, so never a dull moment! 

Me and Rooster my DJ

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Lowlights - Brixton Urban art was a washout! Absolutely threw it down so I was glad I'd hedged my bets and only done one day. Still a good weekend!

In other news my sister has started to make vintage cake stands from odd crockery so I should blog about those soon too (we are a clever pair!).

Art work soon to be going up in my new venue and Burlesque classes on the cards? Stay tuned :) x

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