Friday, 2 September 2011

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I've decided (I've been thinking about this for a really long time but really tonight has made me certain) that from this September i.e NOW, I will start working towards many little arty projects some through work, to make myself more prepared to apply for Art Therapy next September 2012. I turn 26 at the end of this month (this is not a midlife crisis lol) and when I originally graduated from DMU in Fine Art in 2008 I applied to study Art Therapy at Derby university. I was told at the time that I was too young in my feedback and I would be more prepared come 25 or so. Although I did not necessarily agree at the time I could see where they were coming from. A lot of the other applicants were older than me (considerably in some cases) and had a lot of work experience. Although coming from a degree I was strong in my Art background and had a consistent body of work. Since this set back I have almost scrapped the idea, due to the fact that in full time work (48hrs a week 12hr shifts) I have struggled to see how I can create conceptual  work to a consistent standard in my spare time whilst allowing myself down time also (needed!). I have decided its time to work towards it and allowing myself a year in which to do so is plenty of time to prepare and also raise some effort in funds towards this.

The universities that offered this course when I applied were few and more have probably taken on the course since. SO, as well as tattoo flash type art work (that I enjoy and have an interest in but have not much substance behind them) I will be doing small projects covering varied periods of time, some involving the service users that I support at work. Thus providing a varied base of work over a year long period.

This is the theory anyway :S I have put together a brief photography project through work fairly recently for the young people to have cameras and take pictures that they want to take to see what we get and using the results to do collage and drawing work from. (I will post the full brief further down the line) I have had a positive response from staff and young people who want to take part (I should say I work with 16-25s with Autism and challenging behavior) and am waiting on some disposable cameras being ordered. I have chosen to do it this way to remove any materialistic value from the camera to encourage it to be taken and carried more freely with them. Also limiting the exposures and making it more personal to them, they can be left with complete responsibility of the camera.

Anyway after this epiphany (caused by a small amount of alcohol and a colleague leaving for pastures new in "that lahndin"). I shall start to think of themes and areas of interest I can work on through photography research, pen, ink and collage. Its quite exciting. I also have friends setting up life drawing in the area which I will think about going to and some tattoo/pen and ink work thats been on the back  burner for a while which needs finishing so time to get off my ass I think...............



Also I will be blogging my way through all this don't you worry. Second Burlesque show on Sunday too! Miss Hilton Presents is going well :D

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