Monday, 5 September 2011

Quirky Little things I own

Well I'm in the bat cave and I'm hungover so I thought Id get my blog on and let you know about some quirky kewl bits and bobs I've come across recently. Some of which I have NO idea what to do with. My Aunt and her fiancee run a Medieval Festival in Lanark which in turn means they go to all sorts of fairs and trade shows and have fab old authentic traders that every so often have great pieces of kit for you're average joe!  

 Rosalind found me these buttons from Tinkers Tailor. Which I have decided I'm going to find maybe an old black cardie of mine or raid the charity shops and find a cardie and substitute these buttons in. They will look awesome. I was also thinking maybe they could be used in a little Nicho or Shrine memorial box. What do you think?
23x16mm 60pence each
Pewter large Skull Buttons

Next we have some stuff purchased in Angel Islington vintage market some time ago. More through intrigue and imagery than anything. 

A Jesus Tag - Got damaged in transit on my way home :(
Really liked the imagery on this tag. Wording says, "*I Will Bless Every Place* Where A Picture Of My Heart Shall Be Set Up And Honoured" Just thought it was interesting could be used in collage.

From the same stall I bought 

Three slides of diagrams. As some of you may know ~I have a morbid fascination with anatomy and old medical books and I purchased these slides due to an echo of anatomical diagrams within my books. They are however diagrams of parts of plants. I rooted through a whole box and picked these three due to similarities with male and female body parts :) See Close ups below. 

All of the above (3 slides AND the Jesus tag) cost me £9. Which i thought was a bargain. I want to try and scan and enlarge and print the images and maybe collage or draw over?

Last but not least my recent purchase from the Worcester Flea which is a small vintage market in the town centre. 

As you may have seen in my previous posts I've been thinking about new small art projects and one of the themes I'm going to look at is shrines and memorials. I have been thinking about small portable pieces of art that can be carried by a person than are filled with mixed media images to remind of beliefs and strength and past memories.  

 I found this hinged tin at the Flea for the bargain price of £8. Its a very old toffee tin. I like the way its worn a bit on the front. The hinge fits well and its a snug closure. I was thinking of maybe lining this and   filling it with some contents a bit like a collage with a 3D centre piece possibly or maybe a photograph?

Thats all for now. I will post some research into shrines and memorials soon. 


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  1. Love all of your sweet scores, especially the slide diagrams and Queen tin! I love anatomy imagery too, I think a "draw over" on the slides would be rad. The Queen box is just too coll with the rust, def would be a great art piece. I can't wait to see your shrines and memorials!