Monday, 9 August 2010

Productive day...


Well the honeymoon is nearly over, my stitches came out today which means no more "taking it easy" and specifically back to work Thursdays! I have been working my little non-existent socks off today and have completed a new "Worse Things Happen At Sea" Original to fill one of the frames I got yesterday and I should be able to put it up for display in my show in Worcester on Sunday. 

I also Finally finished my carousel horse. Inspired by the pic below I took in Bournemouth a month or so ago. 

"Lucky" 2010

Just keeping you up to date :D I would love to know what you think. Her brother "Cursed" 2010 is already in progress hope to sell them as a pair. 

*sneak peak* - on my stretching board 

Toodles xx

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